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TURKEY - Unearthing the Past
Sample 19-Day Program

  Day Four    

Depart for Gallipoli and Troy, retracing the steps of Alexander the Great, Homer, St. Paul, the early Romans and the Seljuk Turks. Lunch in Gallipoli, where fierce battles have been fought as recently as World War I. If interested, visit the battlefields and cemeteries of Ariburnu and Seddulbahir, where Turkish, British, French as well as Australian and New Zealanders fought and are buried. This afternoon, cross from Europe into Asia via ferry across the Dardanelles, arriving in Troy. Check-in to a comfortable hotel enjoy the remainder of the day at your leisure.


  Day Five    

This morning we drive through a mountainous region of deep valleys and forests to ancient Troy, the immortal city of the legendary Helen of Troy and the Trojan wooden horse. Before Troy was discovered in 1871, it was considered a city of myth versus one of reality. Today the remains of nine ancient cities have been unearthed, and we will tour this historic site with our expert guide. Afterwards, we continue to drive along the coast of the myth-endowed Aegean Sea to the ancient city of Pergamon (now Bergama). Pergamon was the home of many emperors, including Eumenes II (197-159 BC), the richest ruler of the east. It was Eumenes II who made Pergamon one of the architectural and artistic centers of the world. See the many temples, baths, a stadium and gymnasium. After lunch, make a brief stop at the Pergamon Museum, we will continue to Kusadasi, a lovely seaside town. Check-in to a comfortable hotel where dinner will be served. Evening at your leisure to stroll around the town.


  Day Six    

Depart early for a full-day tour of Ephesus, the most famous ancient city of Asia Minor. Ephesus was a prosperous and religious city. Always renowned for its beauty, it still remains one of the great treasures of Turkey. Lunch in the town of Selšuk, famous for its statue of Artemis. Visit a renowned handicrafts production center.

Enjoy a private cocktail reception at the Selšuk Museum. The curator of the museum will welcome the group. We will have time to view the wonderful statuary, including the marble statues of Artemis, complete with elaborate headdress. Dine tonight in Kusadasi.


  Day Seven    

This day can be a choice between the following:

We will depart early for a full-day tour of Sardis, the capital of ancient Lydia and the city where man first developed coinage. We will tour the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, a theater, the gymnasium and the recently excavated synagogue, currently being restored.

- OR -

A day's excursion to Priene, Miletus, and Didyma. At Priene we will explore the fabulous theatre, whose lower tiers are still intact. Next we will visit Miletus, again exploring an astonishing theatre which was built in Roman times. Also of interest are the baths of Faustina.

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