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Art Horizons International develops high quality, customized and educational cultural excursions for banks, museums, corporations, alumni and special interest groups. Excursions can last from ½ day to several days and include destinations in the U. S. and selected cities around the world. All aspects of a program, including airport pick-ups with relevant cultural and art world commentary, hotel arrangements, meals, tickets and itinerary planning and operation will be handled.

Why are we unique? We provide in depth art and architectural tours with special features including: early museum openings, artist studio visits, access to corporate and private collections, unique architectural spaces, and behind-the-scenes visits to auction houses.

For Nonprofits & Museum Clients our programs can benefit your organization by increasing membership, promoting your museum's collection, furthering development goals, and by providing an opportunity to discuss and further common goals and ideas. Additionally,

  • Trustee & Donor Programs provide a forum for the exchange of ideas critical to the museum's mission. For example, tour new museum buildings, additions and renovations during your expansion to explore the success and failure of other projects.
  • Acquisition Committee Programs feature visits to studios of renowned artists whose works your museum may be interested in acquiring.
  • Docent Programs further the experience and knowledge of your institution's docent groups, and expose docents to various lecturing styles.
  • Alumni Association Programs encourage participation of your alumni.
  • Contemporary Art Council Programs provide entrée to the cutting edge art world, including visits to up-and-coming artists' studios whose works are featured in biennials around the world.
  • General Membership Programs encourage membership activity and community relationships with the institution.

For Corporations, we offer:

  • Art and architectural tours with private guides.
  • Airport Meet & Greet with architectural commentary en-route.
  • Spouse Programs (Museum Trips, Fashion Programs, Cultural Events).
  • Corporate Dinners and Events featuring unique spaces and prominent speakers.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours of cultural institutions and architectural spaces.
  • Opera and Theater Tickets with or without pre or post lectures exploring the performance.

For Other Groups, (the general public), we offer:

  • (Grand) parent and Children Experiences.
  • Museum Trips, Music and Art, Fashion and Culinary Programs, and Cultural Events.
  • Theatre Excursions, including guided walks of the Theatre District, Broadway performances, behind-the-scenes visits, and meet-the-cast programs.

Our programs include access to private spaces and experiences that you cannot otherwise have on your own. Please contact us to discuss your group's particular interests and needs. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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